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1. Why did you join tumblr? so i could fangirl :)

2. What’s the meaning behind your URL?

3. Is your blog dedicated to anyone/anything? to all my fandoms.

4. Have you ever had a different URL? If so, what’s the worst URL you ever had?-

5. Did you ever have a ‘phase’ on tumblr? yup

Getting deeper…

6. Are you part of any fandom? If so, when did you ‘join’ it?i have soo many fandoms and i joined them in different times.

7. Do you make a lot of your own posts, or do you mostly reblog stuff? mostly reblog im that part of the fandom who doesnt know what to do.

8. Do you interact a lot with your followers? no not really

9. Have you made any friends through tumblr? nope only twitter

10. List your 5 favourite blogs. 1.city0ffangirl



11. Favourite singer? selena gomez,zara larsson,demi lovato, and much more.

12. Favourite band? 5sos and one direction.

13. Top 5 favourite songs? 1.the harold song

2. she looks so perfect

3.bad boys

4.let it go

5.i remember

14. What genre of music do you listen to? mostly pop.

15. Have you ever gone to a concert by one of your favourite artists? If yes, how was it? Nope :(

16. Let’s play rate the artist!

Choose your artist:  Demi Lovato

Rate out of 10..

Looks: 10/10



Passion: 10/10



Concert quality: dont know really never been to one but im sure 9/10

Down-to-earthness (how they are like with their fans):10/10

17. What’s the best thing about your favourite artist? how strong she is.

18. What’s one thing they can improve on?i find her completely perfect.

19. If you could spend one day with them, what would you do?go to disney land :D.

20. Honestly, if they got a horrible person as a boyfriend/girlfriend, would you still be happy for them? if shes happy so am i.

Books & Authors:

21. Favourite book: the mortal instruments,divergent,the host,hunger games.

22. Favourite author:Cassandra clare,veronica roth, stephenie meyer,Suzanne Collins,JK rowling.

23. How many paper books do you own?10 i guess.

24. What kind of genres do you like? Fantasy,mystery,science fiction,romance.

25. Have you ever gotten a book autographed by an author? If so, which book is it and who autographed it? What books do you want autographed by the author?nope.

26. If you could write yourself into any book, which one would it be?the mortal instruments <3

27. Favourite male & female character? jace and clary. (theres waaaaay more than just those two ;))

28. Have any of your favourite books been made into movies?yup

29. In your opinion, are there any movies that are just as good as the books? If yes, what are the titles of those movies? hunger games

30. What is one book you wish that you owned? the fault in our stars.


31. Favourite movie? What do you love about it? TMI,the fact that i got to see my favorite fictional characters.

32. Least favourite movie? What do you dislike about it?i cant remeber any right now    

33. One movie you think everyone should watch? TMI

34. How many movies do you see in the cinemas every year? dont have cinema in my country

35. Is there any movie coming out soon that you really want to watch? Are you going to watch it? Divergent,ofcourse ill watch it.

TV shows

36. Favourite tv show? What do you love about it? 1.Vampire diaries,2.once upon a time 3.teen wolf.

1.the cast and i love vampires and the storyline most of the time when the writers dont ruin it..

2.the storyline..

3.the story line and the cast.

37. Least favourite tv show? What do you dislike about it?once upon a time in wonderland,its just really weird.

38. How many seasons does your favourite tv show have so far?TVd 5 going to be 6,once upon a time 3 and teen wolf 3 and 3b

39. Do you think that the quality of your favourite tv show has worsened over time? nope

40. What will you do once your favourite tv show ends?cry

Actors/Actresses, Ships, Fandoms, OTPs and all other things fanboy/fangirl

41. Favourite actor and actress?ian somerhalder,josh hutcherson,jamie campbell bower and theo james.

nina dobrev,lily collins,shailene woodley and Jennifer lawrence.

42. Top 5 actor/actress crushes:1.ian somerhalder

2.josh hutcherson     3.jamie campbell bower   4.theo james  5.robert sheehan

43. Is your fandom a major one (are there a lot of people in it?) yes.

44. What do you love most about the people in your fandom? they are awesome and most of them relate to everything i love.

45. List down all your favourite ships: Delena,Captain swan,clace,sizzy,everlark,klaroline,stydia,scallison,haymitch and effie,fourtriss,owanda,team jacob,matt and rebecca.

46. List down all your least favourite ships: Alisaac,forwood,howanda,team edward.

47. What’s your most popular and least popular pairing that you ship?most popular: DELENA  least popular:-

48. Who’s your OTP? every single one i listed above.

49. What makes your OTP so shippable?the passion they have.

50. Are any of your favourite actors your inspiration? If so, who are they and how have they inspired you?ian somerhalder inpires me to make the world a better place.

51. One thing you like and dislike about your favourite actor/actress.

nothing they are perfect.

52. If you could spend one day with your OTP (the characters, not the actors/actresses who play them), what would you do? i dont really know what id do ill be busy fangirling probably.

53. If you ever met one person from your OTP, what would you say to them to convince them that he/she and the other half of your OTP are meant to be together? ill explain how perfect they are and exactly why they are meant to be together

54. If you could spend a day with your favourite actor/actress, what would you do? i dont really know.

55. Who’s the character you want as your…

Boyfriend/girlfriend: jace,peeta,four.

Best friend:simon lewis

Sibling:alec lightwood


56. List 5 questions that you would ask your favourite actor/actress.

1.whats the best thing about working with the cast of the show?

2.if they could describe their fans in one word what would it be?

3.what was it like to play a certain character?

4.biggest wish?

5.what would you have become if you weren’t famous?

57. Do you have any brotps? If so, what are they? stiles and scott,stiles and derek.

58. Have you ever been to a convention of your favourite tv show? If yes, how was it? If no, which con would you like to go to? havent gone to one but id love to go to comic con.

59. So everyone knows that most ships and OTPs aren’t canon yet on screen. But what if they did become canon, what would you do then? Would you stop shipping them?-

60. If the writers of your favourite tv show happened to be reading this quiz, what would you say to them? most of you have made me cry so much because of the storyline and some of you have made it an eve better show then it was before.

Nian bumping shoulders pt. 2

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Damon Salvatore + S5 Coloured Wardrobe

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Character Traits → Tris

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